Breath of the Wild | March 16, 2017
After all the rain California's been getting, my friends and I finally had the opportunity to do a photoshoot at Rancho San Antonio County Park. Mica and Josh (the coolest video game nerds) picked me up and we adventured into the park. We decided to call this little adventure "Breath of the Wild" mostly because we've all been playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It's a magical game.
I brought my camera and a few reflectors and got to shooting right away. Afterwards, we enjoyably watched Josh fly his drone around an open field. It even did a few flips and barrel rolls! My favorite part would have to be when the drone got as close to the grass as possible and flew straight. The footage looked like it came from Planet Earth.
I finished Breath of the Wild. The ending felt rushed, but the rest of the journey before that was breathtaking (I actually hate puns, but I'll let this one slide). I'm yearning to explore the beauty of the real world now!
Davis | February 12, 2017
I finally had some free time to visit my highschool friend, Steven, in Sacramento/Davis for a weekend. I've never been that up north of California before, so I wasn't prepared for the two and a half hour drive, lush farmland, and beautiful scenery that all this rain contributed to. Even when I drove home, going down on the I-5 was stunning; lakes, rivers, and green mountains painted the highway in what usually was dry land whenever I drove down to Los Angeles.
I met Khoa, Steven's filmmaking friend. We walked around downtown Davis and talked about film. We ventured into some alleyways that lead to quaint tea shops and art pieces. Despite looking like a quiet town, downtown Davis felt lively.
Later that night, we watched and compared old film videos dating back to highschool. It was embarrassing, hilarious (a young, derpy Steven was apparent in both our collections), and cathartic. 
It's good to laugh at yourself every once in a while.
Skatepark | February 5, 2017
Trent Nakamura, my Los Angeles-based, filmmaking sensei/friend, came up to NorCal to visit his best friend in San Francisco who works at Google. Living ten minutes away from Google, I quickly drove over to hang out with him and get some pictures at the local skatepark in Palo Alto. Even with the rain, I'm always down for wacky adventuring with my friends. The rain even stopped once we got there. All signs pointed to a fun time.
Trent fell. Twice.
He was alright afterwards. But whose bright idea was it to have two non-skaters take pictures at a skatepark during a rainy day? (After reading this, I realize it was my idea. Sorry, Trent.) Cheers to wacky adventures!
23 | January 29, 2017
Who would've thought I'd do a photoshoot on my 23rd birthday? I didn't. But I took the opportunity to get a few shots of my filmmaker-friend, Raphael Mallari.
We took photos in the neighborhood and then in the park to complete the short session. We went to the arcade afterwards to celebrate my birthday with DDR and some classic arcade games like Street Fighter and Daytona USA, to name a few.
Turning 23 felt great. I feel like the greatest-of-all-time, Michael Jordan, or that movie where Jim Carrey gets paranoid about the number 23. Hopefully the former.
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